How to Pivot your Business Message During Crisis

Today's topic is this: pivoting and adjusting your messaging.   So in the wake of everything that's going on, there's something that has really surprised me, and sadly not in a good way. And what surprised me is a lot of local businesses are still committed to communicating via the same methods that they've been using. It's almost like it's business as usual.   When I look at, what do you need to pivot? There's obviously a lot of things. And I've given you a fair amount over the last couple of days. But something that I want you to [...]

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How to Prepare for a Pending Downturn

Today's topic is this, what should you be doing to prepare for the pending downturn.    There's a quote that I have really loved hearing and it's been a while since I remember the quote but it basically says “Everyone wants to be the lion”.   But when it comes time to do that lion’s work, they don't want to actually put in the lion’s work and I'm sure I'm butchering the quote. But in essence, it's really saying that now is the time that you need to be the lion. Now is the time as business owners, that have [...]

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Keeping the Momentum During a Crisis

Today's topic is a timely topic and it's one that sadly continues to come up all day, every day over the last week. And that is the coronavirus.   So I wanted to just give you some insights in terms of what I'm doing, not just with my team and the whole hand washing stuff, but rather how you can continue to keep momentum during a crisis. How can you continue to pivot your business on an as needed basis? And what do you do? What should you be doing and all that good stuff?   This isn't going to [...]

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How Much Follow-up is Needed and How Much is Too Much

Today's topic is this follow up frequency follow up tactics and just all about follow up. I want to talk about an answer to that question of “Michael how much is too much? Or the complete opposite Michael?” “How much follow-up is not good?”   So let's talk about this. I've done a few episodes and around follow up and follow up tactics, but I really haven't looked at the frequency question of what's too much or what's not enough. Let me kind of talk through that a little bit. But before I really go down that path, the one [...]

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Marketing in the Midst of a Recession

How do you market in a recession?   This topic is most likely going to be a little bit controversial because at the moment, we're not in a recession but because marketing is a game that is constantly shifting and constantly evolving. Sadly, market events in world events and things like that are going to not only affect the economy, but they're also going to affect all the way down to your business.    For example, if you have any kind of local business sourcing products from China, you've probably had a really tough time getting products from China with [...]

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Why and How you can Leverage Text Messaging Marketing

Today's topic is mobile marketing and in particular we're going to focus on text message marketing. So SMS or MMS. So either text, audio, video. That's the kind of marketing we're going to talk about. There's a lot of other avenues to mobile marketing that we'll talk about in future episodes. So I want to give you stuff that you can execute rapidly and stuff that's pretty darn inexpensive. So about six, seven, eight, nine years ago, I wrote my first book called “Marketing in the Moment” and I coined the phrase web three-O marketing. And in particular, the biggest [...]

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How Offline Marketing Drives Revenue for your Local Business

So one of the questions that I’ve been getting is a “Michael, it seems like you favor,  online marketing and digital versus offline.” And the short answer is yes, I definitely favor, online marketing. And it’s not because I’ve got more experience in online marketing, but rather the results of online compared to offline are often night and day. And in particular, if I’m comparing like TV ads to YouTube ads night and day in terms of what I can accomplish with YouTube ads versus TV ads or radio ads versus podcasting for, for example, there’s just so many differences. Now that’s not to say [...]

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Does your local business have the Disney factor?

So one of my favorite places on planet earth is the magic kingdom and really any of the Disney properties. And it goes for the hotels, the cruise line, from what I've read, I can't vouch for the cruise line because I'd never been on a Disney cruise, just jet, the restaurants, everything that relates to Disney. So I was just there a couple of weeks ago and I always look at everything from an experience standpoint, but then also from a marketing standpoint. And I always like to try it. Anytime I'm doing anything or experiencing anything, I try [...]

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What Is Social Media Marketing, and Why You Need It

Just how connected are you to social media, personally? We’re willing to bet you’re probably one of the three billion worldwide users who is connected to an estimated average of approximately seven different networks. But just how connected is your business to social media? More specifically, how connected is your business to social media marketing? Sure, you might have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile but so do your grandmother, her neighbor, and her neighbor’s granddaughter. How are you optimizing your business’ social media presence? Are you letting your profiles lie dormant? Are you leveraging social media marketing as [...]

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The Importance Of A Social Media Expert For Businesses

The digital landscape has changed so drastically in the past ten years alone that it’s become virtually unrecognizable. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of social media. Gone are the days when the likes of MySpace dominated the field. Today, social media platforms number in the hundreds, with an estimated 3.48 billion users worldwide, all of whom could be potential customers of your business. It isn’t that businesses aren’t using social media. They just may not be using it effectively. Welcome to the rise of the social media expert. But just what is a “social media expert”? [...]

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