Is TikTok right for your Local Business?

Today's topic is all about TikTok. I've done a couple of episodes on all things TikTok. Still, it seems like with everything going on with COVID-19, there has been a lot more potential interest in the platform as well as just a lot of exciting press in positivity and branding, among other interesting things. I want to talk through, does this platform make sense? And if the answer is yes, I'm going to give you some tips on how you can leverage this to help grow your local business. TikTok is an interesting platform in the sense that it allows [...]

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Thriving on Chaos: How to Keep your Business on Top During Uncertain Times?

Today's topic is all about thriving when things are chaotic all around you. I think that my answer—my thoughts or my insights may surprise you. They might even hit you right in the gut, I'm really not sure. At the end of the day, my whole point of doing this show is to help make sure that you stay in business. Like I need to make sure that you, your family, and employees are all taken care of. I would be doing myself an insane disservice if I didn't give you things straight or if I didn't give you actionable [...]

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How to Keep Your Business Clean and Safe

Today’s topic is something that never in a million years felt like I would be doing any kind of content around, but very crucial in this current situation. The topic is all about the cleanliness of your business, the protocols that you're taking, how to communicate that what to be doing, and how this could potentially impact you and your company for a while to come. >Now, there's obviously some industries that go without saying that cleanliness is a critical factor. Restaurants being the first one that comes to mind and childcare centers being another. It’s interesting because of those [...]

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How to Generate and Leverage Local PR

Today's topic is all about generating local PR. With everything that's going on at this moment in time, what I'm finding is that local journalists and local media are clamoring for new stories. There's only so many times you can continue to write about the pandemic, COVID, hospitals, and essential workers. That's all fine and dandy, but I would hope to believe that we're kind of getting closer to the tail end of things so that the amount of stories really is not going to continue to be as high around all of that stuff, for lack of a better [...]

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The Marketing Bag of Tricks to Help Grow your Business

Today's topic is titled, your marketing bag of tricks. I want to give you some content, thoughts, and some ideas around how and when it makes sense to try out some things that you may have had sidelines and how you actually keep track of some of these random ideas, as well. So if you're like me, you will have no shortage of miscellaneous ideas on a day to day basis. Normally, the first step that I personally realized was, I needed to make sure that I had some way to clear them out of my head and get them [...]

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4 Effective Ways to Combine Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategies

A lot of advertisers nowadays will tell you that digital marketing is the key to a consumer’s heart. You see today’s millennials on social media platforms, watching online videos, and basically getting all the answers to their questions from Google. The internet is where most people spend the majority of their day.   It is only practical for marketers to focus on digital marketing. Digital technologies and the internet have changed the way small businesses market their brand. However, there is still an ample number of people who are not always online. Truth be told, not every person is online [...]

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Marketing in Recession: 4 Strategies to Follow

So many businesses are being financially affected by the recent pandemic and the lockdowns that have taken place in response. There are many uncertainties about how companies should react during this period and how to prepare for what lies ahead. There aren’t many parallels in history we can draw from to guide us in overcoming this obstacle. While it may seem that all hope is lost and you would think that cutting down on all your marketing efforts is your only choice, there are still some viable options of marketing in recession. When difficult economic times hit, it doesn’t choose—it [...]

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How to Bundle Your Product or Service For More Profits

Anytime there is market uncertainty in a candidly really market chaos, I always advise the local businesses that I work with to go on an ethical money grab. And what I mean by ethical money grab is that people do some really, really crazy things when the economy gets dicey. They do things from heavily discounting things to giving stuff away for close to free, to really just trying to grab whatever cash they can.   What you will learn today is all about bundling and getting your customers to prepay in advance for more profits.   If you're in [...]

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Direct Mail Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

Today’s discussion is something that is literally on fire at this moment - direct mail.   If you think about the nature of direct mail, it is one of those up and down tactics that can be seasonal—whether it’s depending on just the times in general, either it’s got really low response rates or better rates. I've been saying for the last six months that direct mail, in general, has been improving as a tactic. What I've been looking at recently, is just analyzing the behaviors of people that are literally stuck at home with the only thing to do [...]

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How do you Manage your Business when Customers Pause, Reschedule, or Cancel?

How do you manage lost or canceling customers? That is the common question most small businesses face right now. What do you do with your clients, your customers, your parents, or your families? If you are in the childcare business and schools are closing, how do you handle such closures? How do you respond to customers pausing or canceling? I wanted to give you some strategies because as a marketing agency, this is definitely something that we have been dealing with each and every single day. And sadly, it's one of the first things that small business owners and local [...]

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