Text Messaging Marketing

Today's topic is mobile marketing and in particular we're going to focus on text message marketing. So SMS or MMS. So either text, audio, video. That's the kind of marketing we're going to talk about. There's a lot of other avenues to mobile marketing that we'll talk about in future episodes. So I want to give you stuff that you can execute rapidly and stuff that's pretty darn inexpensive. So about six, seven, eight, nine years ago, I wrote my first book called “Marketing in the Moment” and I coined the phrase web three-O marketing. And in particular, the biggest [...]

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Offline Marketing

So one of the questions that I’ve been getting is a “Michael, it seems like you favor,  online marketing and digital versus offline.” And the short answer is yes, I definitely favor, online marketing. And it’s not because I’ve got more experience in online marketing, but rather the results of online compared to offline are often night and day. And in particular, if I’m comparing like TV ads to YouTube ads night and day in terms of what I can accomplish with YouTube ads versus TV ads or radio ads versus podcasting for, for example, there’s just so many differences. Now that’s not to say [...]

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Does your local business have the Disney factor?

So one of my favorite places on planet earth is the magic kingdom and really any of the Disney properties. And it goes for the hotels, the cruise line, from what I've read, I can't vouch for the cruise line because I'd never been on a Disney cruise, just jet, the restaurants, everything that relates to Disney. So I was just there a couple of weeks ago and I always look at everything from an experience standpoint, but then also from a marketing standpoint. And I always like to try it. Anytime I'm doing anything or experiencing anything, I try [...]

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What Is Social Media Marketing, and Why You Need It

Just how connected are you to social media, personally? We’re willing to bet you’re probably one of the three billion worldwide users who is connected to an estimated average of approximately seven different networks. But just how connected is your business to social media? More specifically, how connected is your business to social media marketing? Sure, you might have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile but so do your grandmother, her neighbor, and her neighbor’s granddaughter. How are you optimizing your business’ social media presence? Are you letting your profiles lie dormant? Are you leveraging social media marketing as [...]

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The Importance Of A Social Media Expert For Businesses

The digital landscape has changed so drastically in the past ten years alone that it’s become virtually unrecognizable. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of social media. Gone are the days when the likes of MySpace dominated the field. Today, social media platforms number in the hundreds, with an estimated 3.48 billion users worldwide, all of whom could be potential customers of your business. It isn’t that businesses aren’t using social media. They just may not be using it effectively. Welcome to the rise of the social media expert. But just what is a “social media expert”? [...]

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6 Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses

If you’re running a small business, marketing will be a key component of your success. Marketing allows you to distinguish yourself from competitors. It’s how you funnel in new customers. And, when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, your SEO can make or break your small business. Despite the title SEO, it’s not only about search engine results. It’s about the sum of a visitor’s digital experience with your brand. SEO doesn’t only assist you with gaining new customers, it also leads you to entirely new markets. Despite the results, small businesses remain unconvinced that they need to utilize SEO. [...]

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What Is Digital Marketing (And How It Can Help Your Business)

Digital marketing. We’ve all heard the term, and we all have a reasonably clear picture in our heads of what it refers to. But just how clear is that picture? For many businesses, digital marketing simply means having a presence online—be it their own site or (if they’ve taken the leap into the 21st century) through social media. But that’s not just a narrow definition, it’s one that ignores a number of powerful tools which increase visibility. On the other hand, if you’re a business who considers digital marketing to be an impenetrable thicket of indecipherable jargon, you need to [...]

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7 Tips To Help You Develop Your Best Content Strategy

You’ve spent a lot of time on your business. You’ve identified your customers. You’ve developed a service they don’t just want but actually need. You may have even spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on developing a full scale digital marketing campaign. But there’s one critical element missing: Your content strategy. Content marketing strategies may seem like you’re giving your audience something for nothing. That’s because you are. Your customers don’t just want an attractive website. And they’re a lot less concerned with SEO than you are. What they want is value. They want relevant information they can’t get [...]

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Marketing 101: 6 Tips to Grow Your Business Online

Every company wants to grow their business. Whether it’s sales, size or simply visibility, growth is a fundamental key to your survival in both the digital and physical world. But maybe your struggle is in online growth. If so, you’re no different than 20 percent of other small businesses who fail within their first year. And as both the business and consumer worlds are constantly becoming more digital in their marketing strategies, you’re going to need to keep pace. You’re going to need to know who to target and how to reach them effectively. You’re going to need to apply [...]

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Marketing Math

There's a phrase that I use pretty much every single day and this phrase is really the way that I think about marketing and that coveted return on investments. The phrase is, "Marketing Math," and it's a little bit controversial in the sense of, I believe that almost every single form of marketing that you do can be tracked. There can be some kind of direct response element to make sure that whatever you're putting in, you're getting more money out. Now there are some things that you're going to have to play the long game on. For example, this [...]

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