6 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

For any small business, digital marketing presents two common dilemmas: how to engage your audience  more effectively and how to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends when you have more immediate priorities. And while the former can frequently be answered through trial, error and experience, it’s the latter that small businesses stumble with. But the latter has a direct impact on the former. And while the landscape of digital marketing seems to change dramatically every other week, failure to pay attention to it can cost your business more than you think. A lot more. Recent polls have [...]

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, by now you know the value of social media marketing for your business. But just how effectively are you leveraging it? Unlike other digital marketing strategies, social media marketing develops at a much faster pace—and more dynamically. With 3.48 billion users estimated in 2019 alone, it can’t help but develop more rapidly. And with the increased amount of users comes an increasing need for your business to reach them more effectively.  But perhaps you’re a small business who isn’t prepared for massive growth just yet. But you can’t [...]

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5 Mobile Marketing Strategies You Need To Try Today

Mobile. You can’t afford to keep it a side focus of your business any longer. The time has never been more critical than now to prioritize mobile marketing as a dominant factor in your marketing strategy. Yet most small businesses underestimate its importance. In 2018, mobile accounted for over 52 percent of all online traffic globally, with predictions of well over 59 percent by 2020 alone. And while it might seem clear that mobile optimization should be a key strategic factor for all facets of your digital outreach, mobile marketing always seems to fall by the wayside. You’re too busy. [...]

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Build Customer Loyalty With 6 Simple Steps

Customer loyalty. It’s critical to your business. And without it, you’d be no better off than many fly by night companies who don’t know the meaning of staying power. Customers are shrewd. They’re the backbone of your success. They know what they want. They know what they like. And they know the value of loyalty. They’d rather fight than switch. So how do you find them? By building customer loyalty. You can have an award winning digital marketing campaign. You can spend thousands of dollars on business development strategists. You can even spin SEO into consistently high volume SERP traffic. [...]

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4 Local SEO Strategies For Small Businesses

Visibility is what every business needs, whether you’re a two person startup or an international Fortune 500 entity. It’s no longer a question of driving sales. It’s the very lifeblood of your business. The problem for many small businesses is driving visibility where it can have the greatest immediate impact—locally. There’s no question that SEO strategies are critical to any digital marketing initiative. But if you’re a small business, you’re faced with certain dilemmas. How do you compete locally in a marketplace that’s increasingly global? How do you maximize results if your business isn’t yet prepared to expand? And how [...]

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5 Easy SEO Tips You Can Use For Your Small Business

Digital marketing. It’s as critical to your business as your product itself. The question is: what are you doing to maintain it? It’s no longer enough for a small business to rely on an attractive website and social media presence to draw traffic. Times have changed and so has the digital landscape. Visitors have grown more savvy. More discerning. And they can tell within a matter of seconds whether or not they’re going to pay attention to what you have to offer. 8 seconds, to be precise. 8 seconds. That’s a shorter attention span than a goldfish. It might seem [...]

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8 Social Media Branding Strategies Every Business Should Follow

In the frequently turbulent sea of social media, the need to set your business apart from your competitors has never been greater. It’s also never been more frustrating. There was a time in which it was as simple as posting regular updates on Facebook or Twitter. But now? Social media platforms have multiplied by the hundreds, with new ones gaining traction every other week, each with its own particular strengths and weaknesses. Suddenly, regular updates are no longer enough. Analytics. Customer engagement. Rich data content. It’s a far cry from 2010 when there were only a handful of sites to [...]

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4 Steps To Having A Winning Landing Page

Let’s start out with a bold statement: Without a good landing page, your online marketing is doomed to fail. The landing page is without a doubt the single most important element of a winning campaign. Simply by having this guide, you now have a huge advantage over your competitors. Most advertisers simply send expensive traffic to the Homepage of their website or a Contact Us page. After reading this guide I hope you’ll never do that again or if you’re doing that now, I hope you’ll stop it immediately. So what’s the difference between a Landing Page and a Homepage? Think of it like this… Imagine you’re flying for the [...]

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5 Ways To Close More Sales

Sales. They’re both the bane of your existence and the chief motivator. You want them. Your competitors want them. Every single business wants them. So why are some people more successful than others? Is it luck? Simple charisma? A superior product? Hypnosis? By now, you’ve probably seen the endless parade of books, videos and webinars promising to teach you the secrets of how to close more sales—each promising to let you know their authors’ patented techniques. Maybe you’ve even spent a small fortune on them, only to find their “secrets” aren’t telling you anything you didn’t already know. The truth [...]

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