Let’s skip the talk about how important social media is. We’re sure you already know that. And you probably also know that keeping your audience engaged is one of the most difficult tasks there is. Here you can read social media marketing tips for strong audience engagement. If you own a business and want to make sure that your social media strategy is a success, here are the tips that you’ll want to consider.

Stay professional

Social media might have first started with the goal of making and maintaining connections with family and friends easier. (Okay, that’s not the real story about how Facebook started, though, but don’t get us started on that.) In the meantime, it has grown into a powerhouse for building brand awareness for businesses and making lead generation ten times easier. That’s why you have to be very careful when posting on social especially if you are still building your brand. You’ll need to work hard to earn the respect and trust of your audience. You can’t let the not-well-thought-out Facebook post ruin that. Keep being professional on social. And from time to time, don’t forget to sprinkle a pinch of fun.

Encourage response by asking the right questions

Ask questions to engage your audience. Post your blog and ask your audience for feedback. Let them ask you questions by using Instagram stories. Let your followers ask you questions about your business, for example. Show that you are transparent and that you care about what they want to know. Share your answers with fun images or graphics to make it more interesting. This way, you are continuing to engage them even after the initial contact. Get to know your audience better and let them get to know you.

Enough is enough

Too much information can be overwhelming. To make it more fun, avoid posting too many updates about your business or company. The general rule of thumb is to have a couple of useful posts that focus on your audience first and provide value and then you can add one or two a week that would promote your business directly.

No one likes to hear the same story over and over again

Posting the same stuff over and over again is boring. Sorry, it’s true. If you want to publish your blog post again, make sure that you change the copy in the post a bit. Instead of just publishing a link, try including an image with a quote from the blog post that will provide value in an instant but also spark an interest in your audience to learn more. Be creative, tell your message in different ways and you’ll keep your audience engaged.

Quality trumps quantity

Social media marketing is not only about how much you post but what you post. It is tough out there, we get it. Everyone is a publisher these days. Still, it is no excuse not to try to make your content stand out in that social media crowd. Your audience followed you for a reason, make sure you keep up with the promise you made to them.

Interact with your audience

Social media is all about building relationships. If you just post things but don’t listen, your social media will die out eventually. Nobody will stay engaged. Communication is always a two-way street. Encourage user-generated content by asking your audience to contribute with their own photos on Instagram, for example. Pick a fun hashtag and invite them to share a picture using that hashtag. Follow the hashtag on Instagram and see what everyone is posting. Make sure to repost it in your story to show appreciation. Whether your B2B or B2C, everyone wants a personalized relationship with brands and companies they follow. Make it fun!

Keep your audience included in your current events

We don’t mean inviting them to the account Jane’s birthday party at the office, but why not share your company’s culture with them by including these types of posts in your social media strategy. Your audience will feel more close to you if they know what is going on at your business. Remember, it is always about your audience and not about you. Make sure they love what you’re posting and how you’re interacting with them on social.