If I had $100 dollars and that was it, I got $100 dollars to grow my business, and it doesn’t matter what the business is. This can be a doctor, a chiropractor, a childcare center, or a credit union, whatever the businesses or restaurant. If I had $100 dollars I wanted to give you, I guess my methodology of what I would do to drive some more awareness and hopefully to drive some more activity pretty quickly. So there is one tactic that there literally is no ceiling, the sky is the limit to this tactic and you do not need a lot of money to invest to start to see a return. And that tactic is paid traffic. Now most people think of paid traffic and they think of either Facebook ads or Google ads. And while those are two options, they’re both good options. There is Pinterest ads, there’s YouTube ads, there’s Bing, there’s other ad buying platforms. So there’s lots of ways to buy traffic. But I would take that $100 and put it into a campaign, I would with one of these particular traffic sources, leveraging a video. So for example, if you were a credit union and you wanted to drive some more people to your credit union, I would do a fun video with some kind of no-cost offer. “Hey, we’re giving away free hot dogs, hamburgers come on in and it’s on Saturday from 9:00 to 3:00.” For example, and I would spend $10 dollars a day for 10 days, boosting it, driving awareness to a really tight geographic territory. The video would be completely free because you would use an iPhone to shoot it and then you would literally load it up to Facebook. You can add some captions right on Facebook and that’s how I would invest at $100. Now the same thing would be true for most other businesses. I would leverage some kind of video asset, whether it’s Instagram ads, for example, if your product or service is very visual. If you own an auto dealer, you could do YouTube pre-roll videos, same thing, $5 $10 a day. Anyone that’s in a really specific geographic territory could be seeing your product, your service, and having a video ad run in front of theirs, but you’re only paying for people that are watching “x” percentage of the video. Now, while I love Google, $100 dollars really just isn’t enough money to pay to play. So I would leverage one platform and I would do it about $5 to $10 a day for a 10-day period and you will start to get some engagement and some interaction for literally $100 dollars. And it’ll start to just invigorate your confidence because a lot of people don’t think that they can do anything with the $100 dollars. Now that’s not saying you’re going to generate a million sales by any means, but it’ll start to show you that $100 can drive a 1,000 video views, for example, and some comments. And it can start to get some shares and some buzz and things like that, driving to your local event. $100 dollars can drive Facebook lead ads to people opting in, wanting to have a conference call with you, and you might get five, 10, 15 of those. Now, some of them might not show up. Some of them will. So there’s a lot of ways to invest in a $100 dollars but almost every single time I would always put that money into paid traffic because that’s the one that I can control. I can scale it, I can measure it. I can put it in as little as $5 a day. I can leverage video, for example, whereas direct mail or billboards or radio or TV, I can’t control that. And you’re not going to do much of anything with the a $100 dollars in those platforms. Hope this post was helpful. Invest that $100 dollars. Get out there and try something. It’ll build your confidence. It’ll start to move you in the right direction.