Anybody who has experienced being part of the sales department in a business would agree that selling is indeed a tough job. It goes beyond making people aware of the product you are selling and giving them the price, features, and benefits. And one of the most discouraging things any sales person could hear is when their target market would say that they will have to think about it, despite a nice and smooth presentation. The good news is that there certainly are things you can do to enhance your salesmanship and just really close more sales, and here are some of them.

1. Know who is involved in the decision making

Before you even start presenting, you need to be aware of the decision making process including who is involved in it, what it entails, the length of the process, and so on. It is important for you to know the people who will have to approve the decision, otherwise, it could be one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make.

2. Highlight the value of your product

One of the most common mistakes sales people make is that they tend to focus too much on the price of the products and services, its features and benefits, instead of the value it will bring to people’s lives. This is a mistake because most of the time, people won’t really care about these things. What they will care about is the real value of your offer – how your products and services will bring an added value to their lives. As a sales person, you should know how you can provide a solution to an existing problem. Focus on these things during your presentation and you might be able to get that yes that you are waiting for.

3. Don’t be desperate to get that yes

It will be pretty obvious to your prospect when you are trying so hard to get that yes. It will make you look desperate. And when you do, it will make them feel the pressure to make a decision. So instead of giving you the “yes” you have been waiting for, they might do otherwise. Instead of pushing too hard, why don’t you keep yourself focused on the conversation and look for opportunities where the product or service you are selling can be a good fit. Making them feel less pressured will make them more comfortable with you, and that means a higher chance for you to close the sale.

4. Be recognized as a trusted advisor

Your prospects usually become more defensive once they feel that you are selling them something or you are going towards that direction. What you can do instead is to present yourself as a “trusted advisor” and not as a vendor. This also means that you must change your approach. So instead of asking for a few minutes of their time, which will give them a hint that you are about to sell something, use the time to talk about your expertise as a business or company. This mindset must also start from you. You should not think about yourself as a vendor. But you have to be confident and think of yourself as a trusted advisor too.

5. Know what holds your prospects back

Your efforts should not only be focused on closing that sale but to uncover what holds them back. This should then give you an opportunity to understand what they really need and determine how you can offer your products based on their needs. By doing this, you are increasing the value of your offer and you are gearing towards the direction where your customer will see your product as a solution. And because you know your product well, and you should be the expert at it, you should be the one to lead your customers to where they should go. Many times, consumers do not necessarily realize what they need, and they don’t realize that they need your product until you actually make them see that. Don’t be afraid to lead them to that value. In the end, they will also value your business and it is what’s going to make you stand out. It is what’s going to separate you from the rest. Feel free to schedule a no-cost 15-minute discovery call with us. Just on the button below and book your call today!