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The No Joke Testimonials

Go from “there’s plenty of space in our centers” to “we have long wait lists”. Learn how we can help you generate more leads. Starts from 10 to 100 new enrollments monthly! Drive fast results using our proven process.

Geren Anderson

The reason why we switched to No Joke Marketing for Child Care was that we needed to feel like we had a little bit more personalized service with a much quicker response time and flexibility. Besides the upfront communication, we were also able to go from 70% to 85% occupancy in about 6-8 months. We were stuck and they helped us get over that hump. The relationship has been phenomenal so far.

Geren Anderson, The Pillars Christian Learning Center

I know when I ask child care owners: Could you use some help with your website? The answer, almost always, is: YES!! YES!! YES!! If you’re one of them, please check out my friends at No Joke Marketing for Child Care. Let them know Julie sent you and you’ll get some amazing website love!!!

Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Success Expert
Jordan Rodriguez

They have helped me understand online, how important it is, just little things like getting reviews. And they are always able to give me ideas and give me feedback. I just really, really appreciate being in the loop and understand what’s going on with our pay-per-click ads, updates about the website, where we are standing, and all that. Any updates I want to do on the website, they walk me through the process of what I can do. It’s not just marketing to a mass community. They understand where moms and dads are looking for child care. They’re very informed with the kind of parents that we want.

Jordan Rodriguez, Young Scholars Academy

… Just want everyone in your company to know how pleased we are with our website and the service that you all provide. We get so many calls requesting information on availability. In conversation we let the callers know that we have a website with additional information that would help them. They always say that they have been on the internet and seen our website and that is why they are calling. The website and customer service that you provide us has significantly helped boost our enrollment. Thank you.

Colleen Petrini, Director Noah’s Ark

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