A lot of advertisers nowadays will tell you that digital marketing is the key to a consumer’s heart. You see today’s millennials on social media platforms, watching online videos, and basically getting all the answers to their questions from Google. The internet is where most people spend the majority of their day.


It is only practical for marketers to focus on digital marketing. Digital technologies and the internet have changed the way small businesses market their brand. However, there is still an ample number of people who are not always online. Truth be told, not every person is online and if you solely focus on digital marketing, you will leave out a chunk of your potential leads.


That is why you should not leave traditional marketing at the door. Traditional marketing strategies such as billboards, direct mail, television ads, print ads, and radio ads have had historically high success rates. However, with the change on how consumers purchase and shop for products and services, these success rates through offline marketing have dwindled. 


Combining both tactics is one solution many companies have arrived at to ensure that they cover all grounds when it comes to marketing their products and services. The right mix of digital and traditional, targeted at the right people, and placed in the right media platform, can help your company’s marketing efforts reach new heights.


So, how can you pull off this kind of advertising? Here are some tips on how you can integrate both digital and traditional marketing strategies. 


1. Magazines and Digital Content


When someone tells you that print media is dead—don’t believe them. Thanks to its line of loyal customers, the magazine industry is still holding on. And since magazines are mostly geared toward niche audiences, they are the best form of advertising to reach specific target markets. Consumers turn to publications for their niche point of view. You will see magazines focused on special interests such as travel, diving, business, investing, or antique cars. And they are great to target those hyper focused consumer markets. Brands that partner with magazine publications usually get a boost in trust with the readership. If you want to consider advertising, sponsored content, event sponsorship, or native advertising with magazine publications, also inquire about ways to reach their digital audiences, whether through their websites, digital editions, or social media channels.


2. Combine Direct Mail and Email Marketing


It is a given that direct marketing is one of the most effective ways for promoting products and services.


Traditional marketing includes things like postcards, letters, flyers, and door hangers. Digital marketing includes sending out emails or text messages.


By reaching out to consumers using both direct mail and email marketing, you can increase your market reach and yield better results.


3. Online Local Events Advertising


The first step is to build a unique and targeted event page. This will help make the event look really serious and will eventually become a hub for event-related information. This allows you to create a unique space for your local community to be updated regarding any news related to your event. Additionally, you can also incorporate pictures, videos, keep a list of attendees, update event details realtime, and send reminders to the list as the event draws nearer.


>Websites and social media platforms are great media to promote local events. Leverage your social media accounts to promote your event. Ask and encourage your followers to spread the word and to bring their friends to your event.


4. Advertise Online Channels on Billboards


For local advertising, billboards may be another effective way to get the attention of your target audience. They are cost effective but powerful at grabbing the attention of passersby.


Make sure that you capitalize on high-quality graphics and wording to really make your design visually appealing. Whatever you display on your billboard, it is important to include all your digital channels. Invite users to visit your website, encourage them to opt in to your email campaigns, or even invite them to submit user-generated content such as blogs, videos, and photos.


Combining digital and traditional marketing is like mixing the old with the new—using the best of both worlds to your advantage. As long as you have a unique story to tell and find various methods to reuse your content to get better value for your buys, you will have a robust marketing strategy. 


Learn more about this strategy by getting in touch with us. Let No Joke Marketing create an effective tactic that will ensure loyalty from your customers and increase your ROI.