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So one of the questions that I’ve been getting is a “Michael, it seems like you favor,  online marketing and digital versus offline.” And the short answer is yes, I definitely favor, online marketing. And it’s not because I’ve got more experience in online marketing, but rather the results of online [...]

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6 Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses


If you’re running a small business, marketing will be a key component of your success. Marketing allows you to distinguish yourself from competitors. It’s how you funnel in new customers. And, when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, your SEO can make or break your small business. Despite the title [...]

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Marketing 101: 6 Tips to Grow Your Business Online


Every company wants to grow their business. Whether it’s sales, size or simply visibility, growth is a fundamental key to your survival in both the digital and physical world. But maybe your struggle is in online growth. If so, you’re no different than 20 percent of other small businesses who [...]

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If I Had $100


If I had $100 dollars and that was it, I got $100 dollars to grow my business, and it doesn't matter what the business is. This can be a doctor, a chiropractor, a childcare center, or a credit union, whatever the businesses or restaurant. If I had $100 dollars I [...]

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6 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


For any small business, digital marketing presents two common dilemmas: how to engage your audience  more effectively and how to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends when you have more immediate priorities. And while the former can frequently be answered through trial, error and experience, it’s the [...]

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5 Mobile Marketing Strategies You Need To Try Today


Mobile. You can’t afford to keep it a side focus of your business any longer. The time has never been more critical than now to prioritize mobile marketing as a dominant factor in your marketing strategy. Yet most small businesses underestimate its importance. In 2018, mobile accounted for over 52 [...]

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Build Customer Loyalty With 6 Simple Steps


Customer loyalty. It’s critical to your business. And without it, you’d be no better off than many fly by night companies who don’t know the meaning of staying power. Customers are shrewd. They’re the backbone of your success. They know what they want. They know what they like. And they [...]

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5 Ways To Close More Sales


Sales. They’re both the bane of your existence and the chief motivator. You want them. Your competitors want them. Every single business wants them. So why are some people more successful than others? Is it luck? Simple charisma? A superior product? Hypnosis? By now, you’ve probably seen the endless parade [...]

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