Marketing in Recession: 4 Strategies to Follow

So many businesses are being financially affected by the recent pandemic and the lockdowns that have taken place in response. There are many uncertainties about how companies should react during this period and how to prepare for what lies ahead. There aren’t many parallels in history we can draw from to guide us in overcoming this obstacle. While it may seem that all hope is lost and you would think that cutting down on all your marketing efforts is your only choice, there are still some viable options of marketing in recession. When difficult economic times hit, it doesn’t choose—it [...]

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How to Bundle Your Product or Service For More Profits

Anytime there is market uncertainty in a candidly really market chaos, I always advise the local businesses that I work with to go on an ethical money grab. And what I mean by ethical money grab is that people do some really, really crazy things when the economy gets dicey. They do things from heavily discounting things to giving stuff away for close to free, to really just trying to grab whatever cash they can.   What you will learn today is all about bundling and getting your customers to prepay in advance for more profits.   If you're in [...]

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Direct Mail Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

Today’s discussion is something that is literally on fire at this moment - direct mail.   If you think about the nature of direct mail, it is one of those up and down tactics that can be seasonal—whether it’s depending on just the times in general, either it’s got really low response rates or better rates. I've been saying for the last six months that direct mail, in general, has been improving as a tactic. What I've been looking at recently, is just analyzing the behaviors of people that are literally stuck at home with the only thing to do [...]

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How do you Manage your Business when Customers Pause, Reschedule, or Cancel?

How do you manage lost or canceling customers? That is the common question most small businesses face right now. What do you do with your clients, your customers, your parents, or your families? If you are in the childcare business and schools are closing, how do you handle such closures? How do you respond to customers pausing or canceling? I wanted to give you some strategies because as a marketing agency, this is definitely something that we have been dealing with each and every single day. And sadly, it's one of the first things that small business owners and local [...]

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Should you Cut Back on Advertising Costs Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis?

In today’s discussion, we will be discussing advertising costs. Given the current economic struggle the country is facing at the moment, many business owners are questioning whether or not they should cut down on advertising.   A lot of marketers, myself included, have been suggesting that now is the perfect time to continue to maintain your existing advertising strategies or even potentially scale up your advertising. However, pushbacks are common, and the reason for that is because most people believe that no one is spending money right now. Given the crisis we are all facing (and realistically, in a lot [...]

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The Basics of Email Marketing: Setting Up

Let us discuss an interesting topic that will help you with your business—a campaign that is highly useful during this crisis we are all facing now. Let us talk about email marketing.   Over the last couple of weeks, when we talk about communicating with your audience on a regular basis, like getting emails out the door and text messages, I didn't realize that a lot of you didn't have a tool set up or the infrastructure to do this on a regular basis. So I wanted to put this together to kind of give you some one on one [...]

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Putting Together a Successful Webinar during the COVID-19 Crisis

Webinars, zoom meetings and other forms of online communication with your clients and customers are one of those trends most businesses are adapting now. While a lot of businesses are turning to Facebook live and email, this unique form of communication presents a great opportunity for businesses to communicate and connect. People are now adjusting via GoToMeeting and to have that kind of off-the-cuff meetings. During this time of uncertainty, these virtual meetings are a great way to show that sense of belonging and to connect with each other.   So I did an episode a few days ago [...]

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Covid-19 Crisis Kit: Maintaining your Business in the Middle of a Pandemic

Today's topic is this: the COVID 19 crisis kit.    So the kit is designed for you internally, but it gives you all the different resources that you would need then to continue operating your business.   The first thing that's in this kit, is what I'm calling the corona business strategies cheat sheet. And that really is it's talking about the things that you need to be doing internally to really reassure whoever you're working with, that you're taking the proper measures for their safety. People are most concerned with themselves. And especially in these crazy times, they're even [...]

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Leveraging Content Marketing and SEO Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

If I look back at the number one reason why I started my podcast, the number one reason why I named it marketing Above all, is that I still stand completely firm, that I believe that marketing can save any situation in any struggling business.    Now, obviously, there's asterisks, and caveats and things like that. And there's I mean, cash flow that comes in and again, there's other factors that could potentially sink a business. But I firmly see some really interesting opportunities right now for every single one of you.   The topic for today is taking some [...]

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Ways to Strategically Make Business Pivots to Stay Afloat

Today's topic is about making some swift and strategic business pivots.    All around us, things are changing at an insanely rapid pace. This varies county by county state by state but most small local businesses as of today are shut down.   There are some exceptions of businesses that are still operating. Grocery stores, for example, restaurants offering takeout, hospitals, doctors offices. There definitely are some businesses that are still able to operate. But depending on what state you live in what county you live in, your world has drastically changed.   And a lot of you have been [...]

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