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By No Joke Marketing | Customer Experience

Feb 13

In modern setting, the true test of excellent customer service is not about being at your happiest state, but it’s when you’re at the most stressed and short tempered moments. These are the most defining moments that should be look into consideration. In reality, your customers don’t really know the truth about your mood, and in return your mood should never be a factor in their experience with you.

There are times when in a company’s eagerness to shift quickly to the latest technology available today, loyal and valued customers are often ignored. But, with No Joke Marketing, we make sure that all kinds of customers are being pampered well to let them come back for more.

Here are a few tips to create a highly appreciated customer satisfaction without neglecting your base customers:

Be generous in a way

Generally, when someone shows an attitude of abundance, most customers respond to it quickly. Well, of course at times a bad service comes oftentimes during a state of scarcity. For example, a client needs 100 supplies and you gave 110 for backup. Being generous will definitely make your customers the number one endorser for your product and spread your generosity over to their family and friends.

Customers are more important than the company

A very difficult analysis to implement is when the company is small. However, revised your mindset to “the customer is more important than you.” Although it’s a hard decision to begin with, but it will definitely make a huge impact. Prioritizing first the needs of your customers over yourself will eventually bring positive results.

Customer service is a sales provider

Many businesses spend thousands of time, money, and effort in attracting more customers. But for No Joke Marketing, investing on who are already with the company should be prioritized rather than fishing in a pond with no catch. Stop spending your resources to people who don’t support your company and its products, instead focus with your valued customers and make them stay longer with you. This is a great way to achieve more gains rather than spending on a clueless marketing.

Interact as if it’s your last

Interact with your customers but stop making them feel smarter. Open an interaction that will make them dumb or with no knowledge with your product. This way, you will have the kick start to introduce your product to them. Connect with your customers and focus on the benefits of your products to convince them to purchase with you. Take this opportunity to shine and incorporate all your speech and talking skills just to capture their heart and mind. After all, this will lead to greater sales and productivity.

At the end of the day, it’s still the customers who are our sole companion in achieving great success with your business. A company needs these loyal customers, so try to make them stay and make them repeat customers. Moreover, if you want to tell the whole community or the entire world how excellent your product and services are, don’t forget your old but loyal customers.
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