5 Steps to Stop Procrastinating and Be More Productive

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Jul 13

As entrepreneurs and business owners, it seems like there is an endless list of tasks on your plate – every day. However, not every task is something that is as enjoyable as the rest. There will always be your most favorite and there will be the least favorite tasks and activities, and this is one of the reasons why there is a tendency for one to procrastinate.

Procrastinating cannot really be equated to laziness. The very simple reason why a person procrastinates is that they are trying to avoid an uncomfortable feeling like anxiety, boredom and many others. That’s because you simply don’t like the task. It is not because you are lazy to do it.

The good thing is that there are effective ways for you to stop procrastinating and become more productive.

1. Be familiar with your own ways of procrastinating and what tempts you to do so

One of the most effective solutions to stop procrastination is to remove the things that distract you. However, you have to go back and be honest with yourself about the temptations that you easily give into, for example, the social media. If you are trying to delay a task, ask yourself what do you normally turn into in the mean time? And then, stay away from it. This way, you won’t have any other choice but to stay focused on the task at hand. Or maybe you can change your environment so that you can free yourself from the usual distractions.

2. Don’t overload yourself with too much work

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with too many tasks, work, deadlines and a lot more. And the more you feel that these things are just insurmountable, the higher the tendency to procrastinate. So instead, what you need to do is to shorten your to-do list, and just make it realistic. If you have a big task at hand, you can break it down into smaller tasks so that it feels more manageable and doable. The more you see that you are able to finish the small tasks one by one, the more you will feel accomplished. Now this will give you the drive to go on and work on the rest.

3. Be realistic with your goals

While it is perfectly fine to aim higher or to aim for perfection, there are times when it is better to set realistic goals. It is because trying to go for perfection can sometimes make you feel that the task is difficult or impossible. On the other hand, if your goal is set to something that’s good enough, you don’t get to feel overwhelmed or paralyzed. You will feel empowered if your goal is just to arrive at something good.

4. Stay away from the minor distractions

Aside from the temptations around you that you need to get rid of, there are also these tiny things that also take up a lot of your time without you realizing it. Examples are checking your emails, checking your notifications on the social media and many others. When you allow yourself to do any one of these, the next thing you know is that you have already spent 30 minutes probably browsing something else.

So what you need to do instead is just focus, really focus, on your current task and don’t let yourself get tempted to do something else. You will see that you can actually finish faster than you thought you could.

5. Manage your time well

As an entrepreneur, you are also considered a leader. Your leadership skills must also include good time management. It means that you have to begin with being organized. Everything on your part requires good organization and it refers to your personal sense of organization. The moment you get up in the morning before you start your day, your thoughts should already be organized. Through this, you don’t end up juggling different tasks you have for the day and you can determine the amount of time that you need to spend for each and every activity. When you know the time dedicated to the task, you will be more efficient and of course, productive.
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