Marketing Small Business Ideas: Fresh Tips for 2018

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Dec 01
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In the recent years, many companies, both big and small, have made investments in content marketing. Some businesses would say that their content marketing was not effective, but there are also those who found their success with this marketing tool. When done correctly, content marketing can be especially helpful for small businesses to grow their enterprise. However, what worked for those who succeeded this year may not be enough to sustain or produce the same results in 2018. If you are a small business who wants to make sure that you continue to thrive in the next years to come,

Here are some fresh tips for your small business you might want to try this 2018.

1. Make your content more personalized

As a small business, the content you are producing for your website, as well as for your social media profiles are critical in making sure that you can cope with the competition in today’s market. Your website and on your social media accounts are representations of your company. And everything you put out there will impact your image and branding in one way or another.

In 2018, what consumers will be looking for is a more personalized experience. This means that when you create your content, you need to make sure that you create it specifically for your target audience which boils down to knowing and understanding your target audience better and finding out what they need and want. And then, you need to be able to address these needs through your content. Creating customized content means that you need to offer something that is valuable to your readers. You need to make them feel that they have learned something new after reading your blog, article or whatever content you may have posted. You also need to make sure that you are consistent with the approach you are using and avoid mixing up the message you are sending across. Lastly, your content should be relevant. Relevance means that you should be able to answer the questions or address the needs of your target audience.

2. Upload visual content

Visual content are effective in driving audience engagement. This is why you need to have images and videos uploaded in your website and in your social media accounts. If you are going to take a look at the trend, you will see how augmented and virtual reality technologies have become a game changer for many businesses. While they may not exactly fit the needs of your small business, this only goes to show that visual content are more appealing to most audiences. If you have not been leveraging visual content in marketing your business, it’s about time that you start doing it. Otherwise, you might be missing out on a crucial step you need to increase the conversions which will help your business succeed.

3. Remain transparent

Millennials are not the only ones who are after companies that are transparent and authentic. Consumers in general want exactly the same. Some customers feel that certain brands have to be dishonest simply because they are desperate to market their business. And this is not a good way to earn their trust. Even if you are a small, startup business who wants to see growth and be like the large companies out there in the market, you should not sacrifice your integrity and strive to earn the trust of your potential consumers through transparency.

4. Leverage live videos

According to Facebook, users spend more time watching more live videos than the regular videos which are no longer live. They are also more likely to be engaged while watching live videos because they comment more often. Because of this, marketers are looking at leveraging videos than images, and you should also consider doing the same. Furthermore, you may also want to invest or start working with live videos as soon as you can, so that you can capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. You might not find it comfortable to be in front of a camera but you’ll get used to it. Bear in mind that by doing this, you will also appear more authentic and real to your audience, and that’s exactly what they want – real human connection behind your brand.

5. Leverage testimonials and customer feedback.

You can never underestimate the power of referrals and word of mouth which start from great customer feedback. Testimonials may not be the first thing you could think of when you think about content marketing. However, this is something you should never miss or overlook because your customer feedback and reviews can give a boost to your reputation. They are powerful enough to persuade people to patronize your business. So go ahead and encourage your customers to leave reviews and testimonials for you on your website, as well as on your social media accounts.

6. Repurpose your content

Like the above mentioned, content marketing will continue to be a powerful tool to promote your business. And while you need to provide fresh content regularly, you also need to make sure that the ones you have are quality ones. However, coming up with fresh and new ideas for compelling content can be a bit of a challenge especially when you have already created a bundle. But here’s a strategy – you can repurpose content by checking an awesome content you’ve had in the past and supplement it with updates. Through this, you can reuse an old topic which could still be attractive to your readers, and at the same time, you are giving them new information they have not learned before.

For small businesses like yours, it may be a bit challenging to stay on course when it comes to content marketing. But if you understand content strategies which have been proven to be useful in the past and incorporate new trends and helpful tactics, you will certainly be able to maximize content marketing as a tool to help you achieve your business goals in 2018.
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