No Joke Marketing System

Cylinder 1: Marketing Inspection™

How could you effectively roll out new tactics knowing that either A: you have some marketing out in the universe that you are not proud of (we like to call them the marketing skeletons in your closet) or B: there is low hanging fruit everywhere?

All successful marketing efforts initially begin with an inspection of the current tactics and assets in play.

What we learned from years of experience is that most businesses have both: things that need to be cleaned up or simply removed, and assets that have not been fully leveraged.

While it's exciting and fun to jump into deploying new tactics and strategies, the inspection and clean-up need to happen first.

Cylinder 2: Marketing Roadmap™

Before you embark on a new and exciting adventure what do you do before leaving? You figure out where you want to go, and you make a plan (at least a rough one).

Cylinder 2 is all about understanding that and making it happen. After we’re done, you will have:

  1. a simple six-sentence marketing plan that fits on one sheet of paper,
  2. an understanding of who your ideal customer is,
  3. a month-to-month marketing calendar.

With this knowledge, marketing team can execute with precision and with results in mind.

Cylinder 3: Personality & Branding

There are a lot of things that make your business unique.

How do you tell your story?

What do you tell your clients what differentiates you from your competition?

The way you really stand out from the crowd is by having a clearly defined brand. If you are not consistent and true to your brand and your story, you are not building a trusting audience.

Cylinder 4: Marketing Gauges™

There is a running marketing joke that has been around for quite some time. It goes like this “50% of my marketing is working, the other 50% is not, if only I could figure out which 50% was working, things would be amazing.”

This is one of the #1 reasons No Joke Marketing was formed. Marketing is serious stuff. Get it right, and your business will thrive. Get it wrong, and you will constantly be playing catch-up or worse be shutting down your doors.

In cylinder 4 we will set up systems and processes to track and gauge every marketing effort.

Cylinder 5: One Foot on The Gas

With a solid foundation in place, it is now time to roll out the tactics. The tactics will vary depending on the shape and size of your business as well as the goals you are trying to achieve.

There is one rule of thumb that holds true: a variety of tactics need to be leveraged at all times.

Cylinder 6: Tune Ups & Optimization

As new tactics get rolled out some will work well, others may need some tweaking and tuning up before they start to work and fire correctly.

In cylinder 6 the focus is on keeping the engine running well and constantly tweaking, testing and improving. Marketing is not a set it and forget it.

To keep the engine running well, it needs to be tweaked, optimized and maintained.

Cylinder 7: Two Feet on the Gas

Your marketing engine will run well (very well) on 6 cylinders. Once your six cylinders are moving along and humming well, your business can look at deploying the final two cylinders to give your marketing some extra power.

In cylinder 7, the focus is on deploying a lot more marketing tactics, and often tactics that are 1-2 years out from being mainstream. This allows you to capture market share before other businesses and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Cylinder 8: The Automated Machine

The final cylinder that really puts your marketing engine over the top is cylinder 8.

Your marketing engine will have to be continuously refined, tweaked and optimized. Tactics will come and go and let's face it, there are only so many hours in the day.

To free up some of your time, a lot of your marketing can be setup to run on autopilot. Social media posts can be scheduled far in advance, automated email campaigns can trigger throughout the year, text messages can be sent without you having to trigger the campaigns. Much of your content marketing efforts and engagement with your members can be automated.

This is the holy-grail that puts your marketing engine over the top.