Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015

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Jan 27

In the previous years, rapid mobile developments have led to the use of social media platforms, which rolled out tremendously in mobile applications. The growing dominance of mobile marketing can still be felt in the year 2015. No Joke Marketing will be your partner in diversifying your new mobile marketing strategies for this year.

Mobile marketing took a very big step forward during 2014, a percentage that increases quicker than the desktop marketing. The entire population is living in a mobile-first world, without mobile phones there seems to be a missing link. That’s why many mobile companies are expanding, from evolving technology, software upgrades, and mobile marketing. They capitalize all opportunities and attract the attention of millions of mobile users.

In 2015, the mobile marketing trends won’t have much difference. It will take as much momentum as it can from 2014. The importance of mobile phones is increasing. However, this year will be focused more on security, infrastructure and blocking.

Mobile Payments will Hit the Charts

Although mobile payments aren’t new these days, they have yet to put a significant impact in the marketing field. This is mainly because of the technology and lack of a common platform. Mobile payments will attract major companies and gain consensus among payment companies. In addition, some of the world’s biggest banks will come to play as well. Whether it’s a one button checkout on any online market site or ability to click a button on a mobile phone just before going out of a physical shop, the products that will utilize the power of mobile payments will end up winners.

Mobile Video

Video is still going to be one of the strongest marketing tools, and a lot of these videos are being watched using mobile phones. Consumers who use smartphones are literally okay with 15 to 30 seconds marketing advertisements in exchange for video marketing content.

Smart Wearables

Smart wearables and things continue to evolve as one of the marketing trends in 2015. The objects are smart enough that they are manufactured to be interconnected with the internet. One of the most popular smart wearables are related to fitness from wristbands, fuelbands to smart watches, they all come in all shapes and sizes. In 2015, new innovations of wearables will provide consumers relevant information including accessories and jewelry that will help most athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Location Based marketing

Among the top trending mobile marketing in the new year will be location based marketing, using geo-location and geo-fencing. This is a mobile marketing trend that uses technology to pinpoint the exact location of the user. Another innovation that major companies are targeting, will be pre-identification of hotel guests. An enhanced navigation will also be along its way, wherein interactive store maps will guide consumers to their desired products.

Generally speaking, there will be a number of mobile marketing trends in 2015 and No Joke Marketing will be ready to guide you with yours. The mobile industry will have a major role in continuously improving the evolution of user behavior for all social media networks. If your company has yet to think of greater ideas on mobile marketing strategy, now is the right time to gather your experts.
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