Marketing Inspection™

In order to know how to get to your dream destination, you first need to know where you stand.

Did you know that you lose customers every time when your web site crashes on mobile?

Or they don’t trust you because they don’t know enough about you?

Or your content isn’t even appearing in their news feed because Facebook algorithm decided that it is not relevant to your target audience?

We understand how difficult it is to keep track of all the channels of communication and keep them up to date. That is why from time to time every business no matter how powerful its marketing engine is, needs to do a quick check-up.

What this means is going through all the available assets and eliminating those that don’t work, fixing those that can work and keeping those that were actually keeping your business from falling apart.

When checking your marketing engine, we like to do it thoroughly. We’ll probably ask you too many questions at first, but then we’ll leave you alone and help you grow without bothering you.

Here are some things that always need checking:

Online presence

  • Web site (on all browsers and devices)
  • Social Media Presense
  • Search engine rankings
  • Local listings (are they all the same/different)
  • Competitor presence, ranking and image
  • Email marketing

Offline presence

  • How the phone get answered
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio, TV


  • Marketing plan(s)
  • Marketing budget
  • Content strategy
  • SEGS (if applicable)
  • Strategic plans.

What you’ll get is an organized report that inspects all aspects of marketing areas across your business.

What does this mean for you? How does it help your business?

  1. 1. We will uncover the gold that was buried so that you can benefit from more leads and sales, all within.
  1. 2. We will find the skeletons that are driving clients away and causing them to rethink the transaction. This will increase the conversion rate of new clients and increase sales.
  1. 3. You will have total clarity on what to focus on next and it will help you stay on track.

If you’re ready for a thorough marketing inspection, give us a call.

Still not sure whether you need marketing inspection? Download this free guide to marketing inspection and learn what parts of your engine are not working properly.