How to Increase Conversion Rate on Your Blog

By No Joke Marketing | Content Marketing

Feb 10

Blog is a very effective marketing tool. It serves a medium for the company, customers/readers, media and other professionals. It’s a free advertising and can help in delivering customer service enhancements thru feedback and other options made available to the site.

In the marketing world proper representation of products and ideas is the key to successful information amplification. Great overview, layout and strategic calls-to-action will help generate more traffic and leads.

Blog Content Make Over

You need to always keep it updated, fresh and upbeat. This means you need to check if there are new thing you can add to the post. You can enhance its content to relevance of the current trends and your reader’s needs. You can identify these by using Google Analytics. It gives you the full profile of the customers across different platforms including ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones.

Content and layout also factor in the ease of your Blog’s use. Use easy-on-the-eyes contrasting colors. Clickable areas should be easily identifiable. Try to foresee your reader’s needs and use it to customize your page for a user-friendly layout and easy navigation.

Smart use of Keywords

Keep in mind your target customers. What would be the words they will use to search which can lead to your post? To further use it more effectively, use search terms which can directly lead to your call-to-action offers. Blog is a center for search opportunities so use it to your advantage. Google Analytics can help you identify which keywords leads to you and you can start enhancements based on that data.


Be creative with your CTAs. There are various ways to setup in your post. You can use popup (SumoMe and HelloBar to name a few popup programs) either upon landing on the page. You have the option as well to setup its frequency so as not to annoy your readers from recurring popups. Another way to setup the popup is as exit-intent wherein it serves as a last-plea for promotion.Aside from popups, you can also utilize slide-in-CTAs which seems to be more effective because it can get your reader’s attention immediately.

Here are some tips to creating effective calls-to-action:

  • The term “free” almost always works like a charm. Just make sure the value is there and it will motivate the reader to subscribe and engage in your offer.
  • Consider more appealing words to your call to action button than the usual “subscribe”.
  • Incorporate a sense of urgency so as to encourage immediate response from your readers.
  • Make sure to use clear, short and easy to understand headlines. It should also correspond and identifiable to your post.

There are a lot of programs you can use to start enhancing the composition of your blog. Most of these are readily available in the internet for free. While this outlines the basics for ways to increase your blog conversion, an in depth understanding of marketing and strategies is essential. Check out No Joke Marketing’s for further topics and tips on marketing.
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