How to eliminate buyers remorse Disney style

By Michael Tasner | Customer Experience

Apr 15

What happens when someone purchases something be it a product or service?   First they are excited, but then very quickly (often within seconds)  they immediately start having buyers remorse.  They start wondering if they made the right choice, if they paid too much, if they are going to use the product/service or even if they can really afford it.

As long as you have a solid product/service, your job as a marketer is to re-confirm the purchasing decision, showing your customer they made the right choice.

Here are eight different ideas for you:

  • Send a surprise unannounced bonus (physical or digital)

  • Take them to a thank you page with a video saying something to the extent of “you made the right choice.”

  • Thank you / welcome email to their inbox

  • SMS or MMS message to their mobile phone

  • Same day phone call saying welcome and asking if they have any questions

  • Letting them know you are sending them something in the mail (and sending something of course)

  • Sending them an email inviting them to your social media channels (so they can see other satisfied customers)

  • Invite them to a new customer orientation / webinar

I’ve got a Disney trip coming up, and Disney is a great example of what you can do to eliminate buyers remorse.

After I booked my Disney trip, here is what Disney did (all within a week or so span):

  • They sent me a copy of my reservation

  • The same day, they sent me an email that said “Your Walt Disney World vacation magic starts now! This email contained a special link, a video, a time clock showing how many days were left until I arrived and it also let me know they were sending me something in the mail and to be on the lookout.

  • Two days ago, I received a vacation guide book that had my name on it along with custom recommendations for rides to visit and places to eat.  On the last page was a magnet that shows the date of the vacation.  All of this is done via the My Magic web site.

  • Just about an about ago I got a UPS express package that contained Disney luggage tags and a variety of coupons / vouchers.

  • They also just sent me an email with the “things I need to know before my vacation

You’ve worked hard to get that new customer, re-confirm they made the right choice using multiple marketing tactics.
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