How convenient is it to buy from you? Wegmans marketing example

By Michael Tasner | Customer Experience

May 13

I was recently shopping at Wegmans (ranked as one of the top grocery stores in the United States) on mothers day.

I’d be lying if I told you I know all the ins and outs of how grocery stores are laid out.  I know some general things like milk is the in the back so you have to walk thru the entire store and you grab other things, end caps, and the random high margin items at checkout, but other than that, I don’t know a ton about layout.

I do know however that convenience is a great plus in any business and with many shoppers the more convenient the better.

As I was browsing around for a great dinner idea I was struck by this freezer and had to take a photo:

Wegmans Marketing example

“Easy Mother’s Day Meals.”  This is brilliant.  They are giving you the idea for breakfast and everything you need right in one freezer, making it seamless to purchase.

There are different types of prospects / customers.  Some prospects / customers will always buy on price.  They would have looked at that freezer and checked to see if they had a coupon for any of the products or even googled the prices at the nearby stores.

However, for the majority of the people who shop at Wegmans, they are looking for quality food, reasonable prices and convenience.

What are you doing in your business to make it easier for people to buy from you?  How convenient is it to make a purchase?

A simple example is credit cards acceptance.  What credit cards do you accept?  If you answered all of them, pat yourself on the back.  If you answered only a few of the major ones, spend an hour today and get approved for the other cards.

Convenience and ease of the purchasing process is critical to sustainable small business success.

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