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May 12
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If you own a business, you should know by now the importance of a business plan because it will outline your company’s course to achieving success. And an essential aspect of that plan is your marketing strategy.

Not all businesses pay so much attention to their marketing, believing that they have the capacity to reach out to their customers. However, an in-depth approach to your marketing strategy can open more opportunities by which you can reach your target audience or potential consumers. To make it simple, your marketing strategy will describe your customers or market, where they get the information about your product, and how you will be able to reach them.

Here are some helpful ways on how you can develop a marketing plan that will surely work:

1. Do a situation analysis

This first step is where you define your business, products, services, and how you can provide benefits that your competitor can’t. And in order for you to competitively present or position your product, you must have a complete understanding of your niche market. You need to know exactly what your target market wants and needs. And at the same time, you must also have a clear picture of what your competitors are offering and the reason why your company can provide a better value.

In your situation analysis, you should have a clear overview of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, as well as threats. Think about the ways in which your product is superior to others. Then for the weakness, you have to look into the things you can still improve internally.

As for the opportunities, look for external opportunities to grow your business and expand your market. Also, think about the potential threats and the ways by which you can overcome these threats.

When you position your product, it is not enough that you know its features and benefits. You also have to decide the type of buyer that is most likely going to buy your product.

2. Describe your target audience

The next step will be the description of your target audience in terms of demographics like the age, sex, earnings, family composition, geographic location, lifestyle, and others. If your target market is also another business, describe the type of business they have, its size, location, and other qualities that describe why they could be your potential customers. Whoever your target audience is, it is important that you narrowly define them because the rest of your marketing plan will follow based on this step.

3. List your marketing goals

In every business, there always has to be a goal. And when you create a marketing plan, you also must have a goal in mind. What do you want your marketing plan to achieve? You have to be very specific with your goals, and they should be measurable or quantifiable. You should be able to scale them by numbers because that is going to be the only way for you to tell whether you are gaining traction and when you are successful in achieving your goals.

4. Develop the marketing communication strategies that you will be using

This part is the core of your marketing plan because this is where you will have to be very detailed about the tactics that you will be using to accomplish your goals of reaching your potential market. You can do this by making an outline of your primary marketing strategies, and also include the tactics that you will use to reach your prospects.

5. Set your marketing budget

You have to allot a budget for your marketing plan, but you must remember that marketing is crucial to the success of your business. And because there are a plethora of options to market your product, you surely can make it possible even with the tightest budget. If you find it a little difficult, you can go back and make slight adjustments to your plan until you reach a point where it becomes affordable. The key to a successful business is marketing. Do not worry about the costs because you can afford them.
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