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By Michael Tasner | Guerilla Marketing

Mar 14
What are some recent great guerilla marketing examples? Before we throw the guerrilla marketing examples at you, we want to make sure you are on board with the correct definition of what guerilla marketing really is. As the former Chief Marketing Officer for Guerrilla Marketing International I was able to experience all things guerrilla for several years. Among my biggest pet peeve was the amount of times I would hear the phrase “guerrilla marketing” in the wrong context. Most people when they hear guerrilla marketing think that guerilla marketing simply means some type of unique stunt that drives attention. While this is one example (and a good one), guerilla marketing as a whole concept is much broader. Guerrilla marketing in essence is using time, energy, imagination and outside the box ideas to create better marketing results / more profits. The last part is what we at No Joke Marketing focus the bulk of our attention on. Creative marketing is fine, but profitable marketing is where the focus needs to be. Here are 13 examples guerilla Marketing examples to get your brain flowing with ideas: 1. Going into Target and setting all the Ipads and computers on display to your landing page, or Facebook page. 2. Having a series of automated marketing messages trigger once someone becomes a customer. The messages reinforce the purchase, encourage an up sell, and also drive the customers to your social media channels, not all in one message of course. 3. Best Buy’s Twelp Force, (they shifted it back to geek squad) they utilized their current staff to answer questions via Twitter. Being authentically helpful and responding in close to real time. This helped reinforce the brand and purchase affirmation. 4. Zappos giving tours of their corporate offices. How many companies have turned their office into a tourist destination? They often also had out discounts on future purchases at the conclusion of the tour. 5. A credit union employee going into all the local banks and replacing the pens with their pens. 6. Having a video name badge at a trade show or conference versus a boring paper one. 7. Producing free ebooks, whitepapers and blog posts (like this one). From there, the content gets optimized for search so it’s easier found. 8. Pepsi setting up a vending machine that only accepts Facebook likes to get free Pepsi 9. The owner of a driving school offering the school a few bucks to park his branded car in the school parking lot on weekends. 10. Trading food / space at your restaurant with a radio studio in exchange for free radio advertising. 11. Sending a fun lumpy mail piece after meeting someone at a networking event. (Simple example is sending a coffee mug and k-cup with a note saying, let’s grab coffee this week). 12. QR code on your business cards, flyers and letterhead that goes to an action oriented landing page. 13. Waiting until the due date to advertise in a magazine and requesting any last minute or remnant ad prices. Bonus example: all the fun things happening at the SXSW conference / past events. One of my favorites was ParkMe which went around “booting cars” the video link is here:
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Wajeedah Mohammad March 22, 2014

I believe that No Joke Marketing… is… no joke! It’s a awesome driving force, demonstrating obsession at it’s best performance!
I’ve written my first novel and my reviews are awsome. I’ve been told by every reader that, it puts them fight there on the scene. Please take a look at my website, and tell me what you think. Help me!
Thank for giving me the opportunity to find out the correct definition of Guerrilla Marketing and it’s tools for success.
Wajeedah Mohammad

Ami March 23, 2014

What a wonderful article if you work for Zapos or Amazon. In the early incarnation of Guerilla Marketing, the emphasis was on small businesses, and what can you do for yourself. I guess that has changed in the US the last few years. Too bad, I was hoping to get tips on how to market a small business using the web. In most of the world we don’t have large shops with hundreds of gadgets that we can “point to our home page”… good luck in selling to e-Bay 🙂

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