What You Need to Know About Google Home Service Ads

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Sep 05
Google Home Service Ads

Today, Google has gone so far than being more than just a simple search engine. And because its ultimate goal is to provide users what they exactly need, they have put in efforts in making sure that a consumer gets an immediate answer or response to a service or solution they need at a particular moment, thus the Google Adwords Home Service.

Google aimed to be better at connecting customers to the service providers in their location, right at the very moment when they need it the most. This is the reason why in 2015, they have opened up access to their new home services program in Adwords Express. Basically, what it does is connect local residents who need help to the local businesses and service providers. It started opening to plumbers and locksmiths and is now available to handymen, painters, electricians, house cleaners, and other home service providers.

When users do a Google search, they would normally find ads of businesses on top of the search results. However, this is not a guarantee that these are quality businesses. But with Google Home Service Ads, what will add more weight to your ranking is not just the relevance of your keywords but also the quality you offer. So the ads that appear on the top part of the search results page are the high-quality service providers in your local area which includes buttons to “call” or “message”.

How does Google Home Services work?

The local search ads in Google allow you to feature your business location. You can pay to get your business an exposure in the area that matters to you so that you can direct your users to make a call to your office or visit your location. It means that your money will be well spent because you will make sure it is directed to your target audience or customers only.

When people search for local businesses using their mobile phone, they will see the business locations featured at the top of the results. It may also appear on the Google Maps mobile app if the users do similar searches. On the other hand, when users are using the desktop when looking for nearby service providers in Google, your business location may be featured at the top of the search results when they click on “more places”. And similar to mobile devices, your business location may also appear when they do a similar search on Google Maps.

If you want to get started with Adwords Express for home service ads, you will need to fill out a form with your contact information, the URL of your business, and the service sector of your business in the Local Business Listing Application. Here you can also check if this is available in your area. And then, Google will screen all the applicants by conducting background checks. It means that your application will still be subject to Google’s approval. But once approved, they will be creating a polished profile page for your ads using the information you have submitted.

Most of the time, the ads are reviewed in just one business day because as soon as you have submitted your information. Each and every aspect of your ad will be reviewed including your headline, keywords, description, your website, and your app if it is applicable. There are some ads which are already allowed to run even during the review process. However, if it is not approved, or if any issues will be found. Google will stop running it. But don’t worry because you will be notified of the next set of instructions on what you need to do in order to get your ad back up and running again.

The review process is not just something that is done for new ads. If you wish to make some changes to your ad, it will have to go through the review process once again. After saving your ad, you should see the status “Under Review” if the review process is still ongoing and “Eligible” when it is already being run on some pages but is still currently being reviewed.

As soon as your ad is ready, you will actually get to have a free hand on where and when you want your ads to appear. You can even control how much money you will actually be spending for this ad because there are campaign settings that you can customize in order to boost the performance of your ad.

How to manage leads and jobs?

When your potential customers see your Google Home Service ad on top of the search results, they will be shown an option to call you or send you a request for them to send a message. Your Home Service ads mobile application or your lead inbox in your desktop will allow you to do several actions to manage your leads. With the app, you can respond to messages and calls prompted in your ad; you can also receive emails and app notifications from prospective customers; you will also see an option to book jobs in the app, and you will also have the ability to respond to leads.

The app will show a notification if there are leads who are actually trying to contact you. You will also receive the same information in your email with a link that you can just click so you can see the details of your lead.

When it comes to phone calls, what will actually happen is that when potential customers call the phone number on your ad (which is a Google forwarding number), it will be directed to your business number. You will know that someone is calling through your ad because the message will say “Call from Google”. And when you call this phone number back, your call will also be forwarded to the customer’s real phone number. However, if you fail to get back in touch with that customer for 15 days, the customer’s forwarding number will no longer be active. But don’t worry because this information will still be displayed on the lead page of your Home Services mobile app or in your lead inbox in your desktop.

Similarly, when it comes to messaging, you will also be receiving notifications once you receive an email. You will also have the ability to reply, make a call, or decline the request of the customer. Once you respond to a new lead, they will immediately become active, but they will only be tagged “new” for 15 days. Afterwards, they will be moved to the “inactive” inbox if they remained unanswered, which means that you are highly encouraged to make sure that you respond to these leads as soon as you can. Your timely response will help you a lot in landing on better search rankings, and in getting more additional leads.

How you are charged for your Google Home Services Ads

As an advertiser, the only time you will be charged is when you receive a lead, but the prices actually vary. You are charged differently for the type of lead you receive and the job type you are requested to do. But since you have to option to limit or adjust your budget, Google will not ask you to pay for more than the amount you have specifically indicated in your weekly budget.

Leads are considered valid when you get an email or message from a customer, or it can also be a voicemail. If you are able to speak to a customer, then that is also considered as a valid lead. However, if you fail to answer a call from your customer, it is still a lead if you can get back to your customer, with an email, message, live call or voicemail.

How do you measure results?

In order to determine whether your Google Adwords Home Service is effective, you need to measure your results by looking at your ROI or return on investment. When you know your ROI, you will be able to evaluate if the money you are investing on Adwords in indeed generating leads and increasing sales and profits for your business.

ROI is basically the ratio of your net profit to your costs. It is one of the most important measurements you need to pay attention to because it will show you how your advertising efforts impact your business. How you measure your ROI will depend on the goals you have for your campaign.

Aside from determining how much money you have made with the help of Adwords, calculating your ROI will also help you think about how you will spend your budget moving forward; it will help you when it comes to being more strategic in allocating your marketing budget.

So in order to identify your ROI, the first thing you need to measure is your customer conversions. Your conversions are the customer actions which may be deemed as valuable for your business, this includes subscriptions or sign ups, purchases, website visits etc. There is a free conversion tracking tool that you can use in Adwords so you can see the number of clicks which led to conversion.

What benefits will your business get from Google Home Service Ads?

  • As a home service provider, Google Home Service Ads will help your potential customers locate you whenever they need your services the most. This platform will make it easier for you to manage your bids, leads and listings, and it allows you to communicate with your potential clients because the apps give you the ability to reply, schedule appointments, and manage customer requests.
  • You can attract more and more new customers. That is because the Home Service unit will be displaying at the top of the search results in Google when other users look for similar searches or service providers like you.
  • You can earn the trust of your customers, as well as your potential customers. When your business appears in the Home Service Unit, it means that your business is legitimate and can be trusted, because you have been able to get Google’s approval to be there. The reviews posted by your customers will also be shown, and will, therefore, help your credibility and your online reputation.
  • You are not going to be charged for clicks or for page views, only for leads.
  • You have higher chances of getting placed at the top of the Google search results.
Now you know enough about the Google Home Services to get you started. Use this to your advantage and grow your business now!
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