Explore Feed Causes Panic For Businesses On Facebook

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Oct 24
Explore Feed

Just recently, Facebook rolled out its new “Explore Feed” on mobile and desktop after several months of having it tested in the mobile app. If you have already updated your Facebook app, you might have seen the rocket icon.

This new tab will allow Facebook users to see pages that may suit their interests even if they have not connected with them yet. The goal is to bring more relevant pages to the users and bring them the content they would like to consume.

Currently Facebook is running the Explore Feed as a test. There are six countries in the world that are already seeing drastic changes in the organic reach of their business pages. Countries where Facebook is testing these new feature include Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Serbia and Slovakia.

The testing revealed some relevant information on how the Explore Feed impacts business pages in these countries.

Opinions about the new Explore Feed are divided for now as some users see this as a great opportunity for them to follow relevant pages and stay away from the posts from friends and families at the same time, while others just see this as Facebook’s way of trying to make business pages use more paid advertising.

Whatever the outcome of the Explore Feed in the future, it was a cause for a vivid discussion among marketers as well as regular Facebook users who are primarily affected by the changes.

However, if Facebook decides to adopt these changes, there are two primary ways in which your business page will be affected:

1. Drop in your organic reach.

The Explore feed allows users to discover new content. However, if you have a business page, your posts are not going to stay in the news feeds anymore because they will be moved to the Explore feed.

So what does it mean for your business page? It means that you get less exposure for your target audience and the ones that are already following you because the only posts that will stay on the news feeds are that of the users’ friends and some other sponsored posts. And then, the users will have to click on the Explore feed just so they can see the posts of the pages they follow, as well as other relevant pages. So unless they visit the Explore feed, they might just not see your posts at all.

Marketers have reported a drop in organic reach by 50% which is the biggest drop ever in the history of Facebook.

2. Increase of the paid advertising.

If you want your posts to appear in your audience’s news feed, you will have to pay for them. Or ask your network to share as many of your posts so that they appear organically in their friends news feed.

3. Even greater impact of influencer marketing.

This brings us to the last point that new Facebook feature will bring. It will give even more power to influencer marketing, because now they will be the primary source that can distribute your content. However, you will still need to pay influencers.


For now, the company is still saying this is just a test and we’ll see what the outcome will be. Experienced marketers should stay on top of the change and think of creative ways to change their social media strategy to bring more value to their business pages.
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