How To Target Your Offline Customers With Facebook Ads

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Sep 26
Facebook Ads

It was not long ago when Facebook Ads was created to allow companies to maximize this social media channel to increase exposure and advertise their brand. And the truth is, it was beneficial because aside from the fact advertising on Facebook is less expensive, it provides advertisers the options to customize their ads based on their target audience’s location, age, gender, etc. And now, another advertising strategy is going to be rolled out by Facebook to make it much easier for brands to actually drive in more sales and that is through their offline to online ad targeting.

What will happen is that Facebook will now have the ability to track the shops that Facebook users have visited in real life, if they share their location services with the social media app, that is. And then, the companies and businesses who are actually eligible can have the option to customize their ad in such a way that it targets those who already have visited their stores.

There are already some companies in the US who have already partnered with Facebook to activate their offline conversions, namely Macy’s and KFC. They would like to see how the Facebook’s offline suite will continue to contribute to their growth.

If you are a Facebook user and you visited a clothing shop or did a window shopping, you will notice this advertising strategy because the ad of that very store you just visited will be popping up on your screen. This is going to be the effect of “Custom Audiences” option that eligible advertisers will get to have. One of the eligibility requirements is that the business should be operating in at least 10 locations.

The Custom Audiences options have always been in use by businesses so that they can target potential customers who already bought something from their stores or have dined in their restaurants. However, it was something that had to be manually done because the business should be able to collect certain information from their customers like an email address or phone number for example. Then these information will be used by Facebook to match people to their Facebook profiles. These profiles will then be the ones that will appear when advertisers create a Custom Audience.

Today, part of the new rollout is the automation of the process which means that Facebook will be logging offline events automatically just like the location of the users and do the real-time update in Custom Audiences for the respective brands.

So what do these things mean for your business? How is the new Facebook roll out going to help you drive in more sales?

Business requirements

If your business passes the eligibility requirements, you have better chances of getting your ads to those who were almost at the point of purchasing your products and services. It means that your likelihood of closing more sales from people who considered your brand will be increased because it will serve as a follow up for these potential customers.

Facebook advertising is made easier for you

With Facebook offline to online ad targeting, you won’t have to be the one to gather your customer’s information like name, email address or phone number because Facebook automated the process already for you.

You can reach your 100 percent perfect audience

Because targeting your Facebook ads is more detailed and geared to the ones who are more likely to be interested, it will help you reach a higher conversion rate. Also, if they see ads that are more relevant to them, they are also more likely going to share it with their Facebook friends and it means a free boost on your brand.

You can get a higher return on your investment

In the new rollout, since you will have the option to exclude people who are less likely to be interested in buying your products and services, it means that you are reaching the right audience with a reduced cost and that should translate to a higher return on your investment.

Facebook advertising has been a huge help to many businesses, whether small, medium or large. It has empowered advertisers to be able to efficiently achieve their goals and see desired results for their marketing. By knowing how to use and maximize these tools, you have better chances of increasing your sales not just by attracting new customers, but by working with the current ones. It’s all a matter of intensifying your existing connections and leveraging on Custom Audiences. We only just need to choose the channel where you will be investing your time and energy into. You don’t have to spread out yourself too thin everywhere. You just have to choose a few, and then put your heart and soul into it so you can increase your chances of successful return.
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