Essential Startup Tools Every Entrepreneur Must Have

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Jun 09
Essential Startup Tools for Entrepreneur

If you are just about to launch your startup business, you may not be able to enjoy a wide range of resources as of the moment because the tools that may be useful for your business may still be expensive and not yet affordable for your capital or budget.

However, there are still a plethora of tools, applications and online services that every entrepreneur must know and must have. These tools will help small business owners in many aspects of their startup. And if you want to know more about them, read on below:

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1. Slack

In your start-up business, you are most likely going to work with a group or a team and you have to make sure that you are able to conduct easy and quick communication with them. You can create multiple chat rooms based on the topics you want to discuss and you can also send a message to just one team member you would like to talk to. There are even more helpful features in slack which are available for its premium users.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a very useful application especially when you are using multiple devices. You will not need to save your important files over and over again because whatever it is that you saved in one device can be accessible to another through your Dropbox account. You won’t even have to worry about sending files which are way too large in size. Another nice thing about Dropbox is that you have the ability to share your files with other users.

3. Trello

If you need to keep everything organized within your team, Trello is one of the best apps to use. Aside from the fact that it is also free, you will easily have the visibility over the tasks using the boards on Trello. You will also be able to quickly assign tasks to your team members and monitor the progress these tasks. It is very easy to use and excellent for small teams.

4. Skype

Skype has been a very useful tool for connecting couples, families and friends who are separated by distance but it is not limited to this use. Skype is also a very useful tool for businesses because of its capability to hold video calls and audio calls for large groups. It is also helpful in connecting clients from overseas. You won’t have to worry about expensive phone fees because these tools are free of use as all you need is just your access to the internet.

5. WordPress

Blogging is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, and it is important to choose the right platform to use. When it comes to blogging platforms today, WordPress has been the leading tool.

6. Google Hangouts

Another excellent tool that is excellent for video conferencing is Google Hangouts. This is free for those who have Google accounts, and signing up is also free. You can schedule your Hangouts session, but make sure all parties involved are aware.

7. Asana

If you need to build a website, particularly your eCommerce website, Asana will be an ideal tool to use. It is very user-friendly, especially for beginners. It also allows you to work smoothly with your website developers from abroad, in different time zones.

8. Calendly

When it comes to scheduling your meetings, conferences, and calls, you might find Calendly extremely helpful and useful. You don’t have to be bothered by a chain of email reminders about your scheduled events because Calendly is linked to your email and you can share the link to your email calendar to the people whom you need to be present at the meeting. This will also enable people to book a schedule directly in your calendar so you have an easy visibility on the things you have lined up for the day. This will also help you avoid conflicts because people will see when and when you are not available.

9. Slideshare

In this world that we are living in, it is very important to have the ability to grab your target audience’s attention. The competition is just getting tougher and for your digital presentations, Slideshare would be an excellent tool to use. With Slideshare, you will be able to give the users the visibility to your presentation.
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