Best Content Marketing Examples: 6 Things to Make Your Content Fresh

By Michael Tasner | Content Marketing

Dec 07
Content Marketing Examples

Your content is a form of marketing your business, driving more traffic to your website and improving your branding. But, it is not always easy to come up with fresh content for your blogs and your site. No matter how flashy or attractive your website looks, it is only as good as its content at the end of the day. Failing to post fresh content on a regular basis will make your readers bored, and they will end up looking for another site to visit. That’s why you need to come up with certain strategies to make sure your content remains exciting for your audience.

So, to keep your content fresh and updated all the time, here are some helpful examples you can learn from.

1. Rolex

Rolex is a popular classic timepiece. Its image does not need to be changed because it has been loved for the way it is. So, the challenge was creating a fresh content marketing strategy for a timeless, old-fashioned brand. Even if Rolex has a classic image, it doesn’t mean that modern strategies cannot be integrated in marketing this product. What they did is produce beautiful product images which were posted on social media. The overall feel of the content was sleek and sophisticated which perfectly matches the brand’s image. The bottom line is, your ultimate goal is to focus more on quality rather than quantity. Even if you feel the need to constantly produce a steady stream of content, you always have to keep quality in mind.

2. Nike

Nike is another well-renowned brand that has managed to keep their online presence impeccable. Nike brought great customer service to social media through their Twitter account @NikeSupport, and what they do is an excellent example of a positive interaction between a company and its customers. They make sure they are responding quickly and efficiently to all tweets. They are quick to extend help and answer questions.

This means that you may also need to have a separate customer service account so that your customers’ tweets and questions will not bog down content on your primary account. It will also allow you to have a separate venue to interact with your customers in an efficient and timely manner. You don’t need to be a large scale business to do this. No matter how small your business is, doing things this way will keep things organized and efficient.

3. Adidas

Adidas used to have a group blog that gives their customers an insight into their business by means of sports-related content. On this website, they post various topics all related to physical fitness and sports. But since the blog site is no longer active, what they currently have is the Adidas Game Plan A which shares inspiring stories of athletes, as well as some articles that motivate readers when it comes to mindset, career and lifestyle through sports. As a brand, Adidas is popular for being all things related to sports and that is what they give their audience. You should also do the same. Find out your specific niche. Know what you are good at and showcase your expertise through your blogs.

4. Random House

Random House is a book publishing company that inspires their customers through a wide variety of content they post on their site and other social media accounts. They know their audience well and they seem to have a way of including them in the whole creative process by which their company was built. If you can make the same kind of connection with your audience through your content, then you’re on your way to producing not just temporary, but long term and loyal customers who will always support your brand.

5. Coca Cola

Another widely known brand in the world is Coca Cola. Because it is loved by many, Coke also went out of their way to make each and everyone feel special through their Share-a-Coke campaign. They printed individual names on cans and bottles which gave everyone a unique experience with the product. This strategy made the experience shareable and interactive because people got excited to find their names or their friends’ name on the bottles and cans.

You can also create the same unique experience which will allow your customers to share your product with others. This way, you can inspire them to do the marketing for you. When you give them something personalized, they are more likely going post your product on their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Make sure that your content is created in such a way that it resonates with your audience.

6. Colgate

Colgate has their Oral Care Center website which they use to interact with customers and educate them about oral health. This is a different page from their main website and is intended for posting updated and fresh blogs about all things related to teeth and oral care. This site is beneficial for customers and audiences who want to learn more about oral health conditions, oral procedures and treatments, as well as recommended products. The nice thing about this site is that their content is very informative and relevant.

When you post content on your site, you also have to keep the same goal in mind. You need to make sure that your blogs are something that will be relevant and useful to your readers. Prioritize quality over quantity. It won’t make sense to post blogs on a daily basis only to find out that they are not being read. Blog posting can be done at least once a week provided that you make sure your content can make an impact on your audience.

It may not be easy to always come up with fresh content for your company’s website. But when you learn from these examples and integrate your learning into your strategies, you can keep your content from being stale, boring and repetitive. In the end, you will see the results you desire in terms of leads and sales.
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