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May 19
SEO Practices

When talking about SEO, it is all a matter of following a correct strategy or technique. SEO is one of the most effective, yet cheaper ways for you to be able to attract more visitors to your website. And when it comes to getting the top ranks in Google, there is really no secret method to making it happen. It is something that is possible and achievable simply by means of applying the best SEO practices.

Here are some of the most useful, yet very practical tips that you can use to give your website a boost:

1. Write only high-quality contents

Regardless of your industry or what niche your website is in, the most important thing you must keep in mind is that what you provide your audience is a helpful and actionable guidance. Your content is of good quality if and only if you are able to give the users the information that they need. You must also remember that longer articles have better chances of getting higher ranks in Google. If you are writing an article about a specific subject, you must do your own research so that you will be able to check the articles that are already high ranking in Google. Also, be mindful of the keywords that appear in the top searches. Your goal is to be able to find posts that are already successful on the Internet and on social media.

2. Perform a keyword research

It is highly encouraged to perform a keyword research before you even write your content. And if there is any tool that you must use, you have to use Google Keyword Tool so that you will be able to get a list of keyword suggestions based on what users often search in Google. You must focus on the keywords which have higher search volume, although you should also not ignore long tail keywords. If you can master this technique, you will surely be able to generate more website traffic.

3. Use meta descriptions and original titles

Meta descriptions still have a very important role in SEO and that is why they have to be unique in your posts. Even your titles should be original; it is important for you to ensure that they do not have duplicate ones.

4. Use a sitemap

A sitemap is what’s going to help Google crawl your pages easily and index your website, which is why it is very crucial for SEO. You can generate a sitemap of your website by using a plugin if you have a WordPress website.

5. Promote your website through guest blogging

The benefits of blogging are being underestimated when, in fact, its benefits are endless. If you only know how to tap into communities that are already established, it will be a lot easier to increase your reputation and get more exposure for your website. To make this guest blogging happen, you can bank on social media channels, especially Twitter. You can also use apps like Topsy which can send you notifications if the keywords you are currently tracking are being posted on Twitter. Give your readers more value, and you will reap its benefits. Choose the websites which are worthy.

6. Use what’s working for your competitors

You can learn a lot of things if you observe how your competitors do things. You will be able to uncover many techniques that are working for them. So how do you do that? You have to spy on them by being up to date with all the backlinks they are earning or building, and replicate them.

7. Speed up your website

If you do not know it yet, one of the most important factors being considered by Google when it comes to rankings is the loading speed of the website. According to studies, visitors expect websites to load for not more than two seconds, and if it takes longer than that, chances are visitors will already be losing interest and patience and will decide to leave the site. If you want to speed up your site, one of the most important things you need to do is to optimize your images and avoid using pictures with very high resolution. If your site loads slowly, it will be more difficult for Google to crawl your pages.
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