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By Michael Tasner | Marketing Caffeine

May 10

Welcome to issue #1 of Marketing Caffeine.

  Every Thursday, right on time for your coffee break, we will give you a quick dose of “marketing caffeine” to uplevel your marketing and in turn uplevel the results you are seeing at your business. 

At No Joke Marketing, we believe in serious marketing and serious results.

At the end of the day, the only thing we will be counting up are the results driven from the actions taken.

Not everything in every issue will apply to you, but my hope and intention is you grab the nuggets here and there. Apply them and share your results.

These issues are brought to you by Michael Tasner, the CEO and Founder of No Joke Marketing. If you don’t know a ton about Michael personally, please feel free to head over to This gives a quick overview of Michael’s career and personal life to date.

We don’t share this to boast but rather to let you know you are learning from someone who has been in the trenches and will speak from experience versus textbooks. Everyone and their cousin claims to be an internet marketer these days, thankfully, Michael is the real deal and he is looking forward to mentoring you and making an impact on your business.

So what does the road ahead look like? Each week (and more frequently if requested) we will publish and send you (if you subscribe to our email list) a structured issue filled with the following:

  • Your Cup of This Week’s Strongest Marketing Tip
  • What Should Be On Your Reading Menu Over the Weekend
  • Short Read You Can Finish as Fast as Your Espresso Cup
  • Powerful Tool to Make Your Marketing a Piece of Cake
  • Quote of the Week to Keep You Inspired
  • Fun Fact about Michael, or the Company, or the Team

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So without further ado welcome to issue number one.



There are so many different marketing tactics, tools and methods you can test. But there is no point in implementing anything new without setting up the proper tracking.

One of the No Joke Marketing’s favorite ways to track is by setting up various phone numbers for each of your different lead sources. We use both and

If you are driving visitors to a website, use different landing pages and tools such as LeadPages or The key is that every lead source needs a unique number or landing page otherwise you are still guessing as to which worked better.

Guessing is not in our vocabulary.


Scaling Up

Michael loves to read. Below is a picture of part of his bookshelf.

He’s actually not the most organized person, but he was like a kid in a candy store when he finished organizing his books by category. He has collected and curated some really interesting books on every topic from copywriting and ad buying to growth and leadership (and everywhere in between).

One book that he has read several times and is currently re-reading for the 4th time is titled “Scaling Up.” While the book is a bit technical, it is one of, if not the best, guide Michael has ever read about how to grow a company. It focuses on all the core elements to growing a successful company without going insane.

Among Michael’s biggest takeaways from the book was the section on managing cash and how to make sure you never run out (somewhat of an important thing in business).

If you are looking to grow, Michael highly suggests you check out the book.


  While we know it’s May already, Michael wrote a great article for Forbes titled “Six Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018.” It has racked up over 70,000 views and has some great actionable content for you!

Read the article by following this link.


Pipedrive   Michael is a visual person when it comes to sales funnels and pipelines. While we are huge fans of using Infusionsoft, so much so that we are certified Infusionsoft consultants, Michael was having a hard time visualizing where our prospects were in the process.

So he started using Pipedrive and within a week had everything visually organized. Michael could see where to spend his calling and follow up efforts while making sure he had next actions for everyone.

A solid and very inexpensive tool to help you close more business.


The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. -Dr. Seus


We are 100% remote with no physical office. While Michael’s previous agency had a physical office he found that we could recruit better talent by making the entire world our talent pool. Our team is scattered across several time zones and countries to ensure the best talent and results.

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