Business to Business Marketing Examples: Best Strategies for B2B Marketing

By Michael Tasner | Marketing Strategies

Dec 26
As a B2B marketer, one of your top priorities are the marketing strategies you need to put in place to generate more leads, increase your return on investment and your overall sales. Indeed, a well-defined strategy is crucial because it will make your efforts more effective. It should be geared towards generating more leads first because this is the very first step to getting higher conversion rates. While creating an effective B2B marketing strategy is not easy, here’s a guide to help you get started.

1. Spend time on research.

Any modern marketing effort requires research. You will be able to create more sound decisions when you take time to do brand research, market research, etc. By conducting research, you will know your customers better and that allows you to find out the ways by which you can serve them better. The research will also give you an idea about how your business is performing, your strengths and the services that you should offer or focus on. B2B marketers who pursue research are more likely to grow up to ten times faster than those who don’t.

2. Define your targets well.

When marketing any business, it is important that you focus on your core audience because it isn’t possible to market to everyone. You could also be wasting thousands of dollars if you fail to narrow down your audience. One good example you can learn from is the one by the B2B company, Lululemon. They created customer personas for the audience they are trying to target. For example, they created a male persona and gave him a name “Duke”. They defined his age, his interests, and preferences, the income he makes annually, etc. They also created a female persona and also defined it based on a number of criteria. Creating personas may not be something that all marketers could be doing but it can help you gear your marketing efforts toward your target audience.

3. Set up a high-performance website.

As a B2B marketer, your company’s website is one of your most crucial assets. A website that has been set up correctly can help you establish your online presence and build your reputation as a leader in your industry. Since you need to build visibility, your website will be your most useful tool. Your potential clients will most likely be going to search online to look for service providers. And you have a better chance of getting found and winning their business if you have established your online presence. Aside from driving leads to your site, you can maximize your website if you have compelling content that will convert these leads to sales. You should create unique, relevant and cutting-edge content that will keep your readers engaged and at the same time, demonstrate your company’s expertise. Another important aspect of your website that you should pay attention to is the design. Your site’s look and feel and the overall graphic design can influence your audience’s perception of your company. Your web design has the power to capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. And the last thing you shouldn’t forget is your website’s usability. Your site should be mobile-friendly and easily accessible across all devices.

4. Survey your audience.

Your B2B marketing strategy should include getting feedback from your audience. And this is not something you can opt to do or not to do; this is a must-do. You need information to understand your audience, your potential customers better. Otherwise, you are just going to end up guessing. Incorporate a survey process into your marketing methods. This will help you gather data which you may find useful in your future marketing efforts.

5. Do online advertising.

The internet offers various platforms on which you can advertise your company. Aside from your website, there is the social media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). But for example, when you are marketing professional services. You might want to leverage LinkedIn instead of Facebook. Using Facebook ads tend to be less be effective because professional services buyers are less likely going to use this platform. You just need to make sure that you are using the form of advertising that best suits your services.

6. Leverage referral marketing.

Word of mouth remains to be one of the most effective strategies for any business. Even for B2B marketers, referral marketing remains to be effective. Some of the referrals from the clients themselves and some others from those who were not even clients. Most of these referrals come from those who recommended a company because of their good reputation and their expertise in their field. This means that you need to continually ensure the quality of your products and services. And at the same time, build the kind of brand with a known reputation for the specialty in your industry. Once your brand gets recognized, it will translate to more referrals and businesses for you. There is no better time to start working on your B2B marketing strategies than now. Follow this simple guide to do it the most effective way possible. When properly done, these steps will help you ensure a continued increase in your revenues while meeting the needs of your customers and potential customers.
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