About Us

Our Core Purpose:

To educate and train businesses  on all things marketing.  Our motto “keeping you in business” demonstrates our core belief that without effective  marketing businesses are doomed for failure and will not withstand the test of time.  We’ve got your back. You will not fail on our watch.

Our Core Values:

Serious Marketing.
Marketing is the single most important function in business. The statistics don’t lie.  Most businesses fail.  Without effective marketing, it’s near impossible to stay competitive and ultimately stay in business.  With the right marketing and the right training, shall we say  “No Joke style marketing”  you can dominate your competition and your niche regardless of the size of your business.
The running joke that says ” 50% of my marketing is working the other 50% isn’t if only I could figure out which 50% was working I’d do well”  is for businesses doomed for failure.  Take your marketing seriously and it will produce profits like you’ve never dreamed of.

Times are a changing. Marketing is constantly shifting. Trends are coming and going.  There’s a new social network popping up every other day with another going under.  You must be able to adapt and respond to certain trends or you will get past by and left in the dust.  Our job is to guide you to the trends that cannot be ignored.  When we coined the phrase Web 3.0 Marketing in 2008 we knew the marketing game was shifting very rapidly.  We 0want you ready and ahead of your competition for the next big movement that is fast approaching.

Marketing should produce profits. When deployed correctly, marketing will be highly profitable and provide a consistent return on your investment.  Every marketing tactic you do needs to be tracked to give you this data.  This is why marketing should always be viewed as an investment versus an expense.  If your marketing is constantly costing you money versus making you money, something is out of balance. Let’s work together and fix it.

Life is too short not to have fun. If you like what you do, then you’ll never go to work a day in your life.
A ton of your lifetime is spent at work. If you can’t have fun while you’re at it, then the phrase “work” will really mean “work.” We try and sprinkle a bit of fun in everything we do.

Having a purpose makes things so much easier. Once you have your purpose nailed, everything falls into place.  Rather than just being “any company” you become a purpose driven company.  This purpose allows your brand to come alive, to tell your companies story more effectively, market your products or services more authentically and ultimately sets you far apart from any of your so called competition.

One Thing.
It’s best to do one thing really, really well. We do marketing training.  We provide up to date marketing training & education that works.  The education has been tested in the field and verified with profits to back the materials.  We do this in a systematic way that is easy to understand and more importantly deploy.  We also have a team that is focused on R&D to make sure we are constantly on the leading edge of spotting any potential trends or fads in the marketing space so we can bring those to you first.

Help Others.
Help others get what they want first. This has been our secret sauce in everything we do. We want to know your purpose, we want to know your dreams, and we want to be the company that helps get you there.  We’ve got your back 110%.